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Care Strategy
Recommendation System


Care Strategy AI
Recommendation System

  • With AI technology as the core, carry out grouping and individualized precise care strategies

  • Sources are based on field characteristics, teaching plan, scale evaluation, etc.

  • Effectively restore or improve the patient's behavior and cognitive ability within three to six months

  • Reduce the learning curve for the care team to improve the quality of care

Smart Assistance

  • The AI ​​module is analyzed based on the 8 of action and the 6 of cognition

  • Recommend care strategies for the therapist's individual cases and make appropriate decisions

Refined Intuition,
Efficiency ImprovementT

  • System design presented in graphical

  • Low learning curve, intuitive operation

  • Avoid reading a lot of text and make it difficult to use

  • The tedious administrative process is digitized, and the system automatically generates reports



  • Adjustable system cascading

  • Fields can be imported with existing equipment to reduce costs

  • Choose the most suitable application solution by adjusting the parameters according to your needs

Home-Based Personal Care Services

Care Log

  • The family can understand the activities and results of the elderly through the APP

  • The caretaker can synchronize information with the family members in the APP

  • Provide personalized professional advice and zero information gap

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