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【BestShape VS】Elderly care



Non-contact / non-wearable smart care system




AI non-contact smart care system


Non-contact / non-wearable smart care system

This system uses a non-contact vital signs sensor to detect the elderly’s respiration, heart rate, and not-in-bed status without touching them. It provides 24-hour continuous real-time data display and monitoring. Let the elderly to receive assistant care functions in an unfettered state. If the signal is abnormal or not-in-bed time is too long, the system will notice caregiver by Line notify. It also can export sleep schedule report by vital signs and AI algorithm. The report can be reference of adjusting elderly’s sleep schedule and communication with relatives.

生理紀錄 複本 2_edited_edited.png

Vital sign monitor

Heart Rate
Respiration Rate
Motion Sensing

護理輔助 複本 2_edited_edited.png

Nursing assistant

Real-time Line notify

HR/RR exception notification

Not-in-bed time too long warning

安全安心 複本 2_edited_edited.png


Passed NCC/CE CCC/FCC  certification
TFDA certification

Japan TAIS certification

健康管理 複本 2_edited_edited.png

Health management

Sleep schedule report analysis

Vital signs trend analysis

Personal warning setting

Product feature


The sensor is installed on the top or side wall of the bed. Elderly doesn't need to wear anything.

  • This product has safe and non-contact detection method. It is private.

  • User can active freely without fettered. No wearing discomfort or disturbing sleep problems.

  • Electromagnetic waves are much lower than normal home WIFI wireless router. It passed NCC/FCC/CCC/CE certification. You may rest assured. 

工作區域 5.png

Display real-time data. It improves care efficiency.

  • That data is detected by the sensor is wirelessly transmitted to the information system. The system displays status in real-time. 

  • Manager can set personal warning function according the status of individual elderly.


Line notify remind nurse.

  • Customize communication apps notify.

  • Nurse can get warning notification and signal in real-time.


System uses AI to analyze daily schedule. It can export detection records to reports.

  • Nurses can refer to daily reports to handover and understand the abnormal status of the residents that day.

  • The elderly’s bedridden time records and sleep rest analysis.

  • Relevant information is provided reference for long-term care.


Alerts & Record


Line notify real-time alerts

BestShape VS alerts can be connected with Line notification. Let busy nurse understand residents in different room with smart phone and assist in judging whether residents need immediate assistance.

line notify.png

Sleep and rest records

This system can analysis sleep and rest report by AI algorithm. Nurse can use it to grasp information such as residents' rest status, night sleep quality and frequency of getting out of bed. It can be reference of adjusting elderly’s sleep schedule and communication with relatives.


Use Cases for the Elderly with Dementia

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