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Cognitive Rehabilitation System

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Cognitive Rehabilitation System

  • Digital Cognitive Interactive Course, achieving the goal of cognitive rehabilitation training.

  • Utilizing radar projection technology and human-machine body sensing interaction to accomplish cognitive and motor training.

  • Quick material switching to save the cost of purchasing teaching materials.

  • Classifying training levels to provide the most suitable courses for individual cases.

  • Interactive entertainment combining graphic and numerical cognition to make cognitive training more dynamic and enjoyable.

Diversification of courses

  • Short-term memory

  • Attention and computational ability
    (Number recognition and addition/subtraction)

  • Attention and computational ability
    (Quantity inventory)

  • Constructional ability

  • Spatial logic

Friendly to
Nursing Aide

Case selection, class.
Assistance, and review records all in one go

  • Quick case selection

  • Choose a course or recommend it based on AI

  • Radar, projection feedback, auxiliary record case

  • View cases' history

Multiple Training Modes

  • General & situational version (continuously added)

  • Various cognitive items: spatial logic, short-term memory, constructive ability, etc.

  • Synchronization of action and cognitive training

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